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An-Noor Youth Zone

The Zone is a nurturing Islamic setting where young individuals can engage in meaningful conversations and enjoyable activities, all while benefiting from the guidance and supervision of our dedicated Youth Director, Imam & President.

Our program will center on the study of the Quran and Sunnah, placing a significant emphasis on authentic Hadith and the Seerah (biography) of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
Lead By: Sheikh Mahr Abokzham
Schedule – To Be Determined (TBD)
Join us for a series of Quranic Story Night events specially tailored for the youth in our community. These captivating evenings will immerse participants in the world of Quranic narratives, offering a deeper understanding of the Quran’s timeless wisdom and moral lessons through engaging discussions, and interactive activities. We will focus on the lives of the Prophets from the Quranic narratives, drawing valuable lessons for personal introspection and collective contemplation. This journey through these stories presents a unique opportunity to strengthen faith, knowledge, and a sense of community. Stay tuned for the schedule, and let’s embark together on this enlightening exploration of the Quranic world.
Creating a sanctuary for stress relief and mental rejuvenation, overseen by our Youth Director, provides individuals with the chance to partake in activities such as sports, board games, and Islamic trivia, offering respite from their daily responsibilities. Additionally, this space fosters social connections, contributing to improved mental well-being.
The Zone places a strong emphasis on Social Interaction Opportunities, Mental Well-being Support, Guided Growth, Positive Feedback, Inclusivity, Active Community Engagement, and Efficient Communication.
Our Masjid is excited to announce a series of collaborative events specially designed for the youth in our community. These events aim to create an engaging and enriching environment for our young members, fostering both spiritual growth and social connections. The activities will include Quranic study sessions, discussions on authentic Hadith and the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), as well as opportunities for community service and outreach. The schedule for these events will be determined soon, so stay tuned for updates and join us in nurturing the next generation’s connection with their faith and community.
Masjid An Noor and BICC came together to organize the first-ever Muslim Soccer Cup tournament in 2023. Our joint effort was dedicated to uniting young individuals from across CT in an exciting and dynamic event. Alhamdulillah, the results were exceptionally impressive, characterized by a prevailing sense of unity throughout the entire day. The Muslim Soccer Cup tournament served as the beginning of our collaboration, and we have gained valuable insights from this experience. Inshallah, we eagerly anticipate an even more vibrant and refined event next year, as we continue our journey of learning, growth, and community and youth empowerment.
Our Masjid is thrilled to present a series of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) events crafted specifically for the youth in our community. These captivating activities are carefully designed to kindle curiosity, foster innovation, and cultivate a deeper understanding of STEM fields, highlighting the significant contributions of Islam in these domains throughout history. Through interactive workshops, hands-on experiments, enlightening guest speakers, and collaborative projects, our goal is to spark a genuine passion for learning and inspire career exploration in these disciplines. We invite you to stay tuned for the forthcoming schedule and enthusiastically encourage you to join us as we empower our youth to excel in the realms of science and technology while fortifying their bond with the Masjid community.
Our Masjid is delighted to introduce a series of Arabic 101 events tailored specifically for the youth in our community. These interactive sessions are designed to provide a strong foundation in the Arabic language, including its script, grammar, and vocabulary. Participants will engage in immersive learning experiences, practice conversational skills, and explore the beauty of Arabic, fostering a deeper connection to the Quran and Islamic traditions. Join us in this exciting journey to unlock the language of the Quran and strengthen your ties to the Masjid community. Stay tuned for the upcoming schedule and take the first step towards mastering Arabic.

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